“Fuck you very much” is a brand new single from 21 year old German artist, LIENNE. This song was written and composed with an experienced team of writers and producers in Malmö, Sweden at a songwriting camp in conjunction with Eurovision. As a strong demonstration of LIENNE and her teams
musical writing talents, this song originally made it all the way to the pre-selection Eurovision Song Contest’s final in Lithuania with the artist Martyna, but now it’s time for LIENNE to release it herself, in the original version.
This incredibly catchy uptempo song also delivers an important message to female-empowerment: – ”Fuck you, I can manage life without you”. LIENNE writes and focuses on gender roles in relationships, specifically instances where the man tries to form his partner in his own image, weaponizing and feigning love, affection, and loyalty to do so. With this, LIENNE wants to destabilize gender norms and myths, showing that men are not the stronger sex. With its thoughtful lyrics, well-crafted arrangements and transitions, along with a chorus that’s impossible to forget (many have tried but few have succeeded!), this song is a credit to its genre. Besides writing such musical hits as “Fuck you very much,” LIENNE already has a quite long list of
accomplishments: German finalist of the current Eurovision Song Contest, Roy Award winner 2020, along with several appearances on Bavarian television and radio, in addition to a number of festival performances
alongside artists of national renown. Her extraordinary voice and warm nature makes her not only an attractive artist, but also an inspiring musical act, her journey has only just begun..